Mission & Vision (Simcoe Minor Lacrosse)

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From Gretzky to Tavares, Shanahan to Stamkos, NHLers recommend  playing lacrosse in the spring to improve hockey skills.
“It’s lacrosse that helped teach me to spin off checks, take shots and protect the puck under pressure.  My stick skills, the way to read the play quickly comes from lacrosse. The hand-eye coordination is just one of the little things that helps you in hockey.” —John Tavares, World Junior Hockey Champion
“I couldn’t wait for hockey season to end so I could pick up a lacrosse stick again.” —Wayne Gretzky   HOCKEY AND LACROSSE ARE VERY SIMILAR SPORTS
Both hockey and lacrosse are high tempo, physical team sports that have similar elements to the game. Both sports utilize 5 players and a goalie, three periods and strategy of developing odd-man situations to create scoring opportunities. Hockey players excel in lacrosse. And, in turn, they become markedly better hockey players.    Comparatively, lacrosse is a less expensive sport and uses much of the same protective upper body equipment.
Hockey players benefit from lacrosse by: 
• developing stick handling creativity
• developing creativity in tight areas
• learning to read the play offensively
• developing strong, dynamic defensive tactics
• building up strength and endurance
• helping to prevent sport burn-out by playing a new, fast-paced sport
• increasing hand-eye coordination
• learning to play with their head up and to be more aware of their surroundings
• reinforcing the importance of quickness and agility around the net
• building self-esteem, respect, integrity and fairness
• developing leadership skills
• learning to play both offensive and defensive positions and making quick transitions from defense to offence and vice versa
• honing scoring skills from shooting at smaller targets and picking corners
• learning the creativity of fakes, back passes and shots
• developing the use of both hands
• It's a great way to keep your hockey team together all year round.
• Hockey coaches teach similar strategies of team play and special teams.
• Hockey coaches and players only have to look at great hockey players and see that they have one thing in common...they have all played lacrosse and have used the experience to enhance their hockey skills. You can share in their experience by playing lacrosse!
HOCKEY:  Winter Sport
LACROSSE:  Spring Sport
Can you think of a better partnership?